Polyurethane Foam Injection in Lubbock

Polyurethane Foam Injection in Lubbock

You may want to contact Lubbock Concrete Repair And Leveling if your concrete contractor tells you that you need to have new concrete poured. We strongly suggest that if a concrete leveling company specifically recommends a polyurethane foam-only solution, then we recommend that you call Lubbock Concrete Repair and Leveling. It is probably not a good idea to choose concrete grinding businesses that claim that grinding down the concrete is the only option.

It takes fewer and smaller injection holes to elevate concrete using polyurethane in comparison with the past. When both are used with each other, polyurethane concrete can also be made use of in combination with a lightweight material to achieve the same result as mudjacking. The kind of repair is called foam training, which is one more name for concrete repair work. To transport polyurethane concrete, it is needed to utilize a highly flexible hose pipe that can be positioned on a trailer or truck and can run for a long distance. Polyurethane foam is infused under the slab to load deep spaces and also increase it to the appropriate degree after the hose is pulled into the fixing area. In addition to leveling and also repairing community, commercial, and also domestic structures, polyurethane concrete raising has numerous uses.

Exactly How We Can Help!

Providing concrete repair work solutions in Lubbock, Texas, we are a certified, bonded, and guaranteed company. Among the services we provide are:

  • Concrete Training
  • Concrete Patio Area Training
  • Driveway Training
  • As Well As Much More Lubbock Polyurethane Foam Injection Services!

As polyurethane foam injection professionals in Lubbock, we have completed various projects for lots of property owners. Supplying quick and professional concrete repair work is what we do. We provide totally free quotes for any one of our foam injection solutions.

Concrete Lifting

For lifting, stabilizing, and also filling of spaces in concrete, polyurethane foam is the option of option since it can be done quickly as well as economically with very little disturbance, and also the device can be gone back to service within a day. Making use of concrete increasing accomplishes the exact same outcome as standard mudjacking, but it needs fewer shot openings since it is lighter. Polyurethane concrete raising, additionally known as foam training, is the latest as well as best concrete fixing technique.

Driveway Lifting

Parking your cars and trucks in the garage can be fairly challenging with a sunken driveway slab. These types of problems can be settled with polyurethane foam injections. Usually, it takes simply 1 day for you to be able to utilize your driveway once more. Make certain those splits do not become worse. Obtain a complimentary price quote for driveway lifting with polyurethane foam injection by calling us today.

To schedule your free service quote for polyurethane foam injection, give us a call at 806-853-5797 today! You can contact us for polyurethane foam injection or concrete sidewalk and driveway repair services, and let our professional contractors assess your property. Our team is here to help, so get in touch with us to learn more about what we offer.